Alternative investment accounting has never been this detailed, accurate, or easy.


Clearwater is the only solution that dives deep into the details of your alternative asset classes. Spanning more than 100 asset types, Clearwater delivers accounting, compliance, risk, and exposure analysis and reporting, even for notoriously opaque investments like limited partnerships, mortgages, derivatives, and so many more.

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Alternative Investment Platform Solutions

Accounting for Alternatives Has Never Been Easier

Clearwater’s alternative investment platform is designed to simplify processes and make your life easier.

  • Alternative asset accounting and reporting with an integrated, multi-asset class platform
  • Single pane of glass view for your entire portfolio
  • Support for 100+ asset classes spanning public and private markets and derivatives
  • Dedicated servicing teams that act as an extension of your organization

Clearwater LPx

Unparalleled Detail for Limited Partnerships

Stop focusing on manual data collection, and let us do it for you. Instead, you can focus on operational support and reporting on the details that matter across your LPs.

  • Offload document storage, retrieval, normalization, aggregation, and reconciliation of statement data.
  • Machine learning automates tedious, manual work of aggregating data from general partner statements.
  • Daily reconciled data flows to accounting book of record and regulatory reporting for real-time analysis.

Clearwater LPx Clarity

Transparency from Detailed Private Asset Data

With constant regulatory changes, emerging ESG requirements, and a fluid market environment, you need a solution that enables you to monitor your investments and make asset allocation and risk management decisions quickly.

  • Look-through into your funds to understand exposure and concentration risk
  • Monitor the J-curve of investments
  • Understand underlying investment exposure
  • Predict capital calls

Clearwater MLx

A complete deep dive into your commercial and residential mortgage loans

Manage the entire lifecycle of a loan, from origination and deal management, to depreciation, exposures, potential distress, and more, across simple or complex loan structures.


See why your peers are using Clearwater's alternative investment platform.

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  • Clearwater’s customized reporting and automated reconciliation have saved us a lot of time. Having a full view of our portfolio aggregated in one place has been extremely useful because they provide details on our investments that simply aren’t available in other applications. I would definitely recommend it.

    Jon Sticha, Vice President

  • Our prior manual processes were time-consuming and cumbersome. We can now focus on analyzing our portfolio at a higher level or dive into details with ease.

    Shaun Williams, CFO

Western National Insurance Group

Sagicor Life Insurance Company


Clearwater LPx Clarity

Clearwater LPx Clarity provides aggregated, validated, and consumable data with deep transparency and insights.


Clearwater LPx

With Clearwater LPx, your team can spend more time analyzing and allocating to alternative investments, rather than worrying about operational support and reporting.


Clearwater MLx

With Clearwater MLx, you team has more timely information at their fingertips allowing them to make smarter decisions.

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