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More than 1,000 organizations trust Clearwater Analytics to deliver timely, accurate, and comprehensive investment accounting and reporting on over $6.4 trillion in assets daily.

We offer solutions to meet your needs for alternative investing and accounting, data warehousing, performance, OMS/PMS, and more. Fill out the form and one of our experts will reach out to schedule a personalized consultation with you.

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Our product offering includes solutions for:

  • Clearwater Solution for Alternatives provides solutions for LPs, derivatives, bank loans, mortgage loans, and more.
  • Clearwater JUMP offers a modular end-to-end platform for asset management firms and provides:
    • Complete functional coverage for front, middle, and back-office investment operations for asset managers
    • Comprehensive performance analytics
    • OMS/PMS
    • Support for Unit Linked Funds
  • Clearwater Prism facilitates a comprehensive view into all your assets, holdings, cash, and performance metrics across all asset classes, regions, business units, and corresponding platforms. This solution offers:
    • Data Warehousing Data connectors to co-mingle data sets for a complete view
    • Reporting and Statements