Clearwater’s ESG Program

At Clearwater, we want our program to be more than a “check in the box”. We want a program that all of our employees can rally around and participate in.

Our ESG Mission

Be a positive influence on our employees’ lives, the markets we serve, and the communities we live in through our values, our offerings, and how we operate.

Our Focus

At Clearwater, a core value is to be “Committed to having values beyond reproach”. Through a formal materiality assessment, we have identified the ESG priorities that we believe are most important to our business and our internal and external stakeholders. These include Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Community Engagement, Data Privacy, Responsible Products and Offerings, Corporate Governance, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Employee Health and Safety. These priorities are reflected in our ESG mission and vision statements chosen by our employees.

Vision Statements


Seek out opportunities to positively impact our environment as a company and provide employees opportunities to do the same.


Set the example for inclusivity, employee well-being, and productive work environments that allow our employees to thrive and make positive contributions to the team, our clients, and our communities.


Be a trusted company through the values that we demonstrate, the policies we implement and the controls we maintain.

Featured Highlights


Making our company and local communities both a fun and better place to be.


Clearwater Helps Their Clients Achieve Their ESG Investing Goals

Our dashboards can be pre-populated with third-party ESG ratings, giving our clients the data they need to better meet their ESG goals to make the world a better place.

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

D&I is a priority at Clearwater. We have a programmatic approach that applies DE&I best practices for how we hire, promote, and engage our employees. We have a global DE&I lead who works with teams locally to ensure we are making improvements in the diversity of our workforce and the inclusivity of our workplaces. We are proud of our progress and how we compare to other tech companies, including the recent addition of our second woman Board member.

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Clearwater Cares

Clearwater Cares is our corporate social responsibility program. Our community efforts have focused on three primary priorities: education-STEM, human services, and sustainability. Our approach has been a “global” approach with a named leader and committee in each of our major offices that have built partnerships and volunteer efforts to have the most impact in the communities they live (in alignment with our common priorities).

Our ESG Governance

We want our ESG program to be integrated with how Clearwater supports its business goals and what matters to our leaders, employees, clients, stockholders, and local communities. We have launched individual committees for Environmental, Social and Governance with members across functions and geographies. We have a working team that is led by co-sponsors Alphonse Valbrune (Chief Legal Officer) and Cindy Blendu (CHRO, Chief Transformation Officer).

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Clearwater’s Current Environmental Focus

This year, Clearwater is committed to measuring its greenhouse gas emissions. Armed with this data, we will set greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. We are also committed to discrete efforts to better our environmental footprint, such as converting to LED lighting.

External Initiatives

OneUnited Banks

Clearwater Analytics powers OneUnited Bank’s fully FDIC-insured Deposit Program. Corporations can leverage Clearwater to manage their investments in black-owned businesses & minority communities, fulfilling ESG/DEI obligations.

Corporate Governance & Privacy

At Clearwater we believe that it is important that we adhere to high standards of integrity and continually strive to conduct our affairs honestly and ethically. Learn about some of the ways we do that by clicking the link below.