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Are you currently using legacy technology to perform a daily task? Are you familiar with the differences between installed software and one that is cloud-based? Would you like to learn how you can be more efficient in your processes and how easy it is to make a change?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we invite you to speak to one of our legacy conversion experts on how Clearwater can help!
We’ve converted over $3.5 trillion in assets from legacy technology and have created a transformation kit for organizations like yours.

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“If somebody’s interested in Clearwater, I think just going through a demo, you’ll see that the Clearwater business model is a little different than a lot of the competitors out there.”

– Sara Schrauben, CFO, Guarantee Company of North America USA


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How do our legacy conversions work?

1) On-Site Consultations

Clearwater values durable partnerships with every client and wants a strong start to our relationship. Our team will travel to your office for a free consultation for you to identify the pain points of your current operating model and understand how Clearwater can shape your team’s future model.

Here’s how your current technology might be limiting your organization:

  • Interface cannot be customized without help from IT or report builder
  • Data such as pricing, amortization, and accruals aren’t validated daily – stale prices can lead to incomplete analysis
  • Lack of sophisticated pricing hierarchies prevent accurate analysis
  • Data warehouse is not included, meaning you must aggregate and transform your own data from external sources


“The training and implementation was great at getting us what we needed. Clearwater took great care of us, and immediately showed its value even beyond the solution, with the people who provide regulatory expertise and service. The people are so helpful and knowledgeable and it has been eye-opening to see how much more we can do with Clearwater! -Rene Martello, Finance Director, Montana State Fund”

– Rene Martello, Finance Director, Montana State Fund


2) Provide Enhanced Reporting

Unlock 450+ in-depth reports

Does your current reporting efficiently provide everything you need? Are you able to reconcile between accounting basis such as GAAP vs STAT vs Tax or does this require spreadsheet gymnastics? How do you perform time-series analysis?

These are just a few of the many problems we solve for users today. Clearwater provides over 450 out-of-the-box reports for accounting, compliance, performance, and risk reporting for multiple asset classes and currencies, including GAAP, Statutory, Tax, and IFRS.

Clearwater’s conversion experts help you:

  • Mirror all existing processes and reports so daily operations aren’t affected
  • Close books 60% faster than before through increased automation
  • Utilize timely and customizable data for better data analysis daily


“With Clearwater we have everything down to 20 minutes. We just pull an aggregate of all the investment portfolios at the same time. It is significantly quicker and easier.”

– Brian Montague, Treasury Director, Urban Outfitters, Inc.


3) Receive a Dedicated Transformation Team

Organizations using legacy technology often have existing processes they do not want to be altered by moving to Clearwater – and we don’t either! Our dedicated transformation team annually converts over 125 organizations from other technology. We understand how to convert your current processes, reports, and tasks into Clearwater seamlessly, and want to share our best practices with you to ensure an easy conversion.

What else does can a dedicated team do for you?

  • Ensure data is reconciled on time, daily
  • Provide unlimited training, guidance, report building, and access to industry leading subject matter experts (SME’s)
  • Co-own month-end processes alongside with you


“Nothing had ever worked ideally right out of box. At one point, I’d found myself trying to account for fixed-income assets using systems designed for equities. Making them almost work correctly was time-consuming and tedious, plus they were siloed, so none of them were able to communicate with one another. It represented an unacceptable status quo.”

– Steven Boyd, Principal, Halyard Asset Management.


The Clearwater Difference

Clearwater Your Current System
Satisfaction 60+ NPS ~20 NPS
Features More than 600 enhancements and updates each year Manual updates
Data Automated data entry every morning Manual import or data entry
Accuracy Fully reconciled accounts every day User is responsible for data cleansing
Time Saved Save 75% of time spent on investment accounting Added effort and time
Reporting Out-of-the-box, no services required Days or weeks waiting for updates
Switching Cost With thousands of accounts converted we know how to do this efficiently Can require lengthy re-implementations to different software instances


Why Now?  

Clearwater provides an immediate positive return on investment, why not create a better work environment for your team today?  Talk to a Conversion Expert

Here’s what others in your position have said!

“Our prior manual processes were time-consuming and cumbersome. We can now focus on analyzing our portfolio at a higher level and in a timely manner.”

Shaun Williams, CFO, Sagicor Life Insurance Company

“Clearwater has transformed the way we do business. A majority of the higher-risk, manual touchpoints have been automated away, with appropriate data validation checks to ensure a high-quality end product.”

Stephen McLoughlin, Investment Services Manager, Delphi Financial Group

“We’re not reporting on what hurt us over the last quarter; we’re reporting on the potential risks we see going forward and reporting on the steps we’ve already taken to mitigate those risks.”

Jim Krygier, Chief Investment Officer, The Warranty Group

“We used to have canned reports, and we could not do ad hoc reporting, it was cumbersome. Clearwater has made us much more efficient, and the detailed customizable reporting is a huge benefit.”

Sharon Thompson, AVP Financial Services, Motorist Insurance Group        

“Having our college-degreed accountants perform data entry functions was not optimal. Outsourcing reconciliation to Clearwater solved this issue.”

–  Belana Colquitt, Manager of Investment Accounting, Fidelity National Financial

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