Our Servicing Model

An Extension of Your Investment Accounting and Reporting Team

Our teams work to truly understand your needs and proactively find solutions to meet your business goals. Our clients have direct access to a dedicated team of experts, which means you’re never more than an email or call away from unlimited support and training.

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Your Success is Our Priority.

Clearwater’s top priority is client success. We believe it’s our responsibility to earn your business every day by providing the highest-quality support and training so you can focus on what you do best: managing your investments.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our client services teams are authorities in their fields, presenting at conferences, attending regulatory meetings, producing guidebooks and white papers, and regularly serving as subject matter experts.

On-Demand Support and Training

Clearwater users never wade through case submissions or automated responses. You get one-on-one time with your servicing team so they understand what's important to your business and can deliver on that daily.

Our Clients Love Us

We have a 98% client retention rate for a reason: our priority is your continued success. We believe every client is entitled to the very best in product and servicing.

Implementations with Clearwater

Building a Foundation for Success.

Clearwater implementations set a new standard for excellence in financial technology. Our experts empower you with the skills and tools you need to confidently develop operational best practices and get the most from your new software solution.

  • Collaboration every step of the way
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Hands on project management
A photo representing Clearwater's implementation process.

The Value of a Clearwater Implementation.

Investment accounting and reporting implementations with Clearwater are shorter, more productive, and less costly than legacy software implementations.

  • Short time to value
  • Aligned to your interests
  • Scalable to meet your growing needs
A graph representing the value of a Clearwater implementation compared to legacy software.

What sets us apart.

Clearwater implementations run in a series of concurrent phases. Key milestones and minor tasks follow overlapping timelines, ensuring an efficient process. We also build in a brief period to run Clearwater and your current system in parallel to ensure processes are transferred and no information is lost.

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