Clearwater Analytics Order Management and Portfolio Management Solutions

Integrated Order Management and Portfolio Management Systems within a single SaaS solution

Clearwater offers everything you need in an asset management solution. The ability to manage multiple client portfolios, transmit and manage orders for investments in traditional assets as well as alternatives, apply real-time decision support based on portfolio goals, and optimize position keeping.

Platform Features

Simplify the investment lifecycle

Access the entire lifecycle of your portfolio management chain with a single click. Stage, model, and execute orders all via proven cloud technology that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Clearwater asset management solution.

Order Management

Place orders at the click of a button and monitor progress across any number of counterparties, including those using FIX, SWIFT, or any other proprietary format.

Portfolio Modeling and Simulation

Daily portfolio analysis and rebalancing, complemented by pre-trade compliance checks, that can then be modeled and sent upstream for execution to bring the portfolio back in line.

Comprehensive Compliance Libraries

Pre-trade compliance is integrated directly into the order placement workflow, with more than 100 pre-configured compliance rules and custom rules.

Custom Workflow

Set a workflow that optimizes the process of staging orders, with features including blotter management, integrated allocation methodologies, block orders, rebalancing, compliance enforcement, and order import.

Support and Flexibility for How You Invest

Clearwater's order management and portfolio management solutions provide support for multiple asset classes and trading strategies across all portfolios, with adaptability for separately managed accounts, models, funds, and other investment accounts.

Modern, Streamlined End-to-End Solution

Reduce software sprawl and integrate your order management and portfolio management solutions with Clearwater for an end-to-end, SaaS-based asset management solution.

Modernize your asset management solution with Clearwater's Order Management and Portfolio Management Solution!