Highly customizable investment performance analytics and reporting

Innovative investment teams gain better insights with Clearwater's performance solution. See your portfolio performance with greater depth than ever before with flexible and comprehensive portfolio performance analytics and reporting.

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The Clearwater Advantage

Best-in-Class Performance Book of Record (PBOR)

Clearwater’s performance solution provides visibility into returns across asset classes. Supported return types include time-weighted, money-weighted (IRR), and notional returns.

  • Support for complex instruments
  • Easily see data with web-based dashboards
  • Measure performance backed by robust calculations

Gain Deeper Insight

Custom Benchmarking

Dynamic weighting ensures the portfolio is managed for any drift from the target allocation or benchmark, and benchmarks can be further customized at the security level – allowing for adjustments when needed to better match to targets.

  • Benchmark against models, other portfolios, market indexes, or custom benchmarks
  • Drill down easily to the security level for a deeper look
  • Gain a competitive edge with our comprehensive benchmarking

Manage Performance with Ease

Track Contributions to Return and Risk

Contribution to return and risk, including volatility, tracking error, and other risk metrics are built in. Metrics like Sharpe, Sortino, and downside risk, can be measured for a portfolio or benchmark, allowing for visibility into where risk is matched (or unmatched).

  • Use additional measures by asset class
  • Add custom calculations where needed

Comprehensive Visibility

User-Friendly Reporting and Dashboards

Receive real-time alerts and ongoing assessment of investments against your performance goals with web-based dashboards and reports.

  • Add custom reporting widgets with the click of a button
  • Share dashboards with others on your team
  • Download statements and share in the format you need


Clearwater Performance Plus

Clearwater Performance Plus is a cloud-enabled solution with real-time calculation and customization.

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Welcome to Performance Plus

Clearwater Performance Plus is the answer for firms looking for best-in-class performance measurement, tailored to their needs

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Clearwater OMS/PMS

Clearwater JUMP OMS/PMS includes both order management and portfolio management for growing asset management teams and institutional investors.

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