What Insurers are Looking for in Third-Party Asset Managers

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A webinar hosted by FundFire and sponsored by Clearwater Analytics

Before the Great Financial Crisis, insurers were generally known to favor the safest investments. Most managed their assets in-house or used a generalist asset manager. In recent years, however, low yields have forced insurers to look into other asset classes, providing new opportunities for the third-party asset managers with whom they increasingly work.

Today, 86% of all insurers report using outside managers for at least part of their portfolio. Many chose managers with knowledge, expertise, and technology specific to insurers.

This webcast explores:

  • Opportunities for asset managers looking to win insurers’ business
  • How asset managers can benefit from this evolving investment behavior
  • What they need to do to be successful in this client segment

Featured Presenters

Greg Halagan

Partner and Co-Head of US Insurance, Mercer Investments

Yoshiko Inoue

Managing Director, Asset Allocation, American Family

Steve Doire, CFA, CPA, CPCU

Strategic Platform and Client Advisor, Clearwater Analytics