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For investment managers, wealth managers, and OCIOs looking to make the most of their data, Clearwater PRISM is the industry's most impactful solution. PRISM is a SaaS-based self-service platform that gathers, validates, standardizes, and normalizes data from all sources. With its single, flexible platform, both internal and external users can access valuable insights instantly and export them into reports and client statements effortlessly. By freeing up time for client-facing teams, PRISM enables investment managers to focus on delivering exceptional customer engagement and driving positive flows.

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Capture, Organize and Clean Data

Accurate investment data in one place

Designed for firms that want a comprehensive view of their diverse assets across multiple platforms, Clearwater Prism has connections to integrate information from separate accounting engines, analytics platforms, and data sources into a singular reporting solution.

  • Comprehensive set of adapters to any data type
  • Unparalleled data ingestion and aggregation
  • Apply logic for data cleansing to drive accuracy and consistency

Single Pane of Glass

The potential of your data becomes limitless

Stop struggling with spreadsheets, instead view your portfolio across client segments, asset classes, and geographies, in a single view with on-demand access, greater accuracy, and timely delivery to stakeholders.

  • Robust data lineage and traceability
  • View and interact with your data at any point for in-depth analysis
  • Utilize a comprehensive API library that integrates with multiple systems for downstream use

Reporting on Steroids

Enhance your digital reporting experience

Clearwater Prism’s user-friendly, self-service reporting tools automate asset manager client reporting (hint, hint: No IT required). Meet client needs for on-demand and ad-hoc information rapidly. The digital client portal allows you to:

  • Quickly deliver insightful reporting and meet stakeholder needs
  • Create and configure reporting on-demand
  • Utilize a library of pre-built insights to report on investment data

Push Statements to Every Client

Grow Your Business with Automated Statements

Create high-quality, tailored, and professional statements for your clients – all connected to your comprehensive dataset.

  • Automated statement creation eliminates the need to compile and manipulate data from disparate systems
  • Showcase your core competencies and cultivate deeper relationships with clients
  • Create and share statements with ease with automated and customizable emails

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  • Our warehousing capabilities enables firms to….

  • Accurately report on all…

Build an Investment Data Warehouse with Clearwater Prism

Our warehousing capabilities enables firms to….

Asset Manager Client Reporting and Statements with Clearwater Prism

Accurately report on all…

Fact Sheet

Clearwater Prism Reporting & Statements

With Clearwater Prism Reporting & Statements, you to accurately report on all your data in one consolidated platform and create tailored and professional statements for your clients.


Clearwater Prism Warehouse

With Clearwater Prism Warehouse, you can take any data source for your investments and combine them into one view for easier access, greater accuracy, and more timely delivery to stakeholders.


A Comprehensive Clearwater Prism Brochure

Clearwater Prism is a standalone offering from Clearwater Analytics that provides users the ability to a achieve holistic view across all asset holdings and gain consolidated reporting across web and print channels.

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Unhappy with your current reporting system? Clearwater specializes in upgrading from legacy technology.