Videos A Conversation with Arkansas and Illinois

Replacing Legacy Tech for Governments

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Hear from your peers in government treasury!

Watch the roundtable conversation with Joseph Daniels, Chief Information Officer of the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office, and Grant Wallace, Chief Deputy Treasurer – Programs & Services of the Arkansas State Treasury, about how they modernized their treasury teams.

Legacy software can be a major challenge for state and local government treasuries, especially the larger ones. As investment strategies change and the public demands for transparency increase, more and more states are turning to cloud-based, modern solutions for their investment accounting and reporting. Learn from your peers at the Arkansas State Treasury and Illinois State Treasurer’s Office about how they transformed their investment processes.

Duration: 45 minutes


Featured Presenters

Joe Daniels

Chief Information Officer, Illinois State Treasurer's Office

Grant Wallace

Chief Deputy Treasurer, State of Arkansas

Tom Lofton, CFA

Principal Solutions Consultant, Clearwater Analytics

Greg Whipple

Enterprise Account Executive, Clearwater Analytics