Government Finance: It's possible to increase efficiency and job satisfaction.

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A webinar hosted by e.Republic and sponsored by Clearwater Analytics

Do you struggle to hire and retain investment accountants and treasury professionals? You’re not alone. Governments across the country have cited staff shortages as one of the biggest challenges coming out of the pandemic. To combat workforce fatigue and make open positions more attractive, officials are looking at ways to bring more efficiency to their investment operations teams.

Enter investment accounting and reporting technology. Closing the books on a month of financial activity shouldn’t take weeks, but it’s the reality for many accountants in government. With the right tools in place to increase efficiency and reduce the burden on their teams, governments can have more success in both retaining the accountants they have and competing for new talent in the market.

This webinar explores a breakdown of how the right tools can allow governments to:

  • Reduce accountant workloads
  • Make government finance jobs more attractive
  • Maintain an up-to-date view of investments
  • Give timely responses to constituents who have questions or concerns about government investments

Featured Presenters

Justin Marlowe, Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

Zach Patton – Moderator, Editorial Director of the Content Studio at e.Republic and Government Technology

Greg Whipple, Government Solutions Consultant, Clearwater Analytics