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Fall 2020 National Meeting Overview

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This on-demand webinar provides updates from the NAIC Fall 2020 National Meeting on recent NAIC changes, insights into upcoming proposals, and an analysis of how these topics could impact insurers.

Hear from the NAIC’s Julie Gann, CPA, Assistant Director – Solvency Policy, and Jim Pinegar, CPA, Manager II – Accounting Policy, and Clearwater’s Subject Matter Expert Sabrina Wilson, CPA, FLMI, as they provide insight and clarification into the latest NAIC initiatives from the Statutory Accounting Principles Working Group (SAPWG), the Valuation of Securities Task Force (VOSTF), and other relevant updates.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recap the SAPWG, VOSTF, and RBC meetings
  • Preview upcoming changes to NAIC guidance
  • Address current topics under discussion with the NAIC