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Breaking Down Non-Traditional Asset Classes

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Under pressure to generate high returns in the low-yield environment, many investment teams are considering non-traditional asset classes. Some already invest in these assets–such as direct mortgage loans, syndicated loans, and limited partnerships–however, others are hesitant to move beyond traditional fixed-income vehicles. According to Clearwater’s 2015 Insurance Investment Benchmark Survey, 47% of insurers avoiding non-traditional asset classes do so because they are outside investment guidelines; and another 21% avoid them because of regulatory concerns or lack of expertise.

Non-traditional assets have unfamiliar accounting and regulatory complexities that are often perceived as insurmountable hurdles – when in reality they can often be overcome with some foresight and knowledge. In this webinar, investment and accounting experts from Johnson Lambert and Clearwater Analytics break down the basic asset structure, investment considerations, data management challenges, accounting characteristics, and tax considerations of four non-traditional asset classes that are growing in popularity:

  • Syndicated Loans (also known as bank loans)
  • Private Placements
  • Direct Mortgage Loans (DMLs)
  • Limited Partnerships

As insurers evaluate their future portfolio allocations and plan for 2016, this webinar is an invaluable tool for understanding some of the most intimidating aspects of non-traditional assets.

Additional Information:

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Who should attend: Insurance Investment and Accounting Professionals
  • Advanced preparation: None
  • Program level: Basic
  • Delivery method: Internet Group Live
  • Cost: Complimentary

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the basic definitions and structures of these non-traditional assets
  • Address investment, accounting, and tax related challenges
  • Examine best practices for incorporating these asset classes into investment strategies

Featured Presenters

William Emmons

Alternative Investment Analyst, Clearwater Analytics

Carolyn Rice

CPA, Partner, Johnson Lambert

Magali Welch

CPA, CA, AIAF, Partner, Johnson Lambert

Matt Gravelin

CPA, Senior Tax Manager, Johnson Lambert