Asset Classes: Common Challenges and Key Considerations

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Complex asset classes are a rapidly growing investment strategy for insurers who are looking for ways to maximize profits at a time when margins are slim. However, complex asset classes come with their own accounting, reporting, and regulatory challenges. What might seem like a good option can turn into more of a headache for your team.

Whether your organization is now investing in complex assets or simply investigating the idea, you will find this webinar recording full of valuable best practices and tips for scaling your operations for derivatives, mortgage loans, bank loans, and more. Listen as we discuss the current state of complex asset classes in the market and how to prepare for upcoming trends and regulations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the different accounting and reporting considerations for some of the hottest complex asset classes in the market
  • Learn how to apply operational best practices to make complex asset classes a true positive asset to your investment strategy
  • Understand some of the upcoming trends and changes to the market regarding complex asset classes, and how they could affect you

Featured Presenters

Zach Brown

Product Manager, Asset Classes Specialist, Clearwater Analytics

Summer Kisner

Director, Corporate Treasury Solutions, Clearwater Analytics