Videos Results from the 2021 Insurance Survey Report

Asset Class Insights and Outsourcing for Insurers

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More than 1,000 insurance industry professionals have spoken! Watch this on-demand webinar for an in-depth look at asset class trends from the results of Clearwater’s 2021 Insurance Investment Survey.

Insurers of all types and sizes participated in the 2021 survey and provided details into their portfolio makeup, how they account for alternative asset classes, their use of external asset managers, and their appetite for particular asset classes. Our panel of experts crunched the numbers and provided a breakdown of the survey results and what they indicate for insurance industry investors.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand 2021 insurance investing trends
  • Learn about the top asset classes insurers added to their portfolios in 2021
  • List the criteria and ways insurers utilize external asset managers
  • Understand the primary challenges faced by insurers when adding new assets to their portfolios

Featured Presenters

Steve Doire, CFA, CPA, CPCU

Strategic Platform and Client Advisor, Clearwater Analytics

Chandresh Iyer

Head of New Markets, Clearwater Analytics

Cynthia Pennell

Enterprise Sales Leader, Clearwater Analytics