Alternative Investing Hits the Mainstream

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Celebrate the year with an update on the future of alts!  

Driven by yield and diversification, insurers are increasing their allocations to alternative assets. A recent survey of institutional investors conducted by Clearwater Analytics found most respondents are investing in private equity, private credit, and real estate. While investors can achieve higher returns and diversification with a well-constructed alternatives portfolio, they must also consider the data and operational challenges associated with alternative assets. In this webinar, we’ll explore trends in alternative investing and discuss best practices for managing these asset types as well as the role technology plays in facilitating a changing investment strategy.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand what's driving investors to increase their allocation of alternative assets​  
  • Learn which alternative assets insurance investors are favoring right now​  
  • Understand the operational challenges of alternative investing, and the role technology plays in managing complex portfolios  

Jonathan Flitt

Global Head of Alternative Investment Solutions, Clearwater Analytics

Lisa Stange

Senior Insurance Solutions Advisor, Clearwater Analytics

Alex Wray

Solutions Consultant, Clearwater Analytics