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2023 Insurance Investment Outsourcing Report

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Pre-order your complimentary copy of the 2023 Insurance Investment Outsourcing Report, and be amongst the first to benefit from the insights it provides.  

The report will include profiles of 50+ participating insurance-focused investment managers, rankings of each manager on a global and regional basis, and more. 

Why is this report of value to insurers? 

The Insurance Investment Outsourcing Report is a valued resource for insurers that provides insights into investment strategies and how individual firms rank amongst other managers. Learn how your peers are investing, why they trust some of the highest-ranking managers, and what support you might be missing from your own. 

Why is this report of values to asset managers? 

This report will give you an in-depth look into how you compete with other managers. Gain insight into the services they offer, what their investment strategy is, and how their AUM is divided by client type, region, and asset. This information can help you analyse the health of other operating models and how you can differentiate yourself. 


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