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What Asset Owners Want from Asset Managers Beyond Performance

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A webinar hosted by FundFire and sponsored by Clearwater Analytics

Ask any asset owner what they’re looking for in an asset manager and the first answer is likely to be performance. But asset managers that think performance is the only answer are missing important opportunities to win and retain clients. Client service, especially as it pertains to tracking performance and providing access to data in real time, can make a real difference to asset owners.  
In this webcast, panelists discussed the many ways asset managers can work to distinguish themselves from their peers and better serve their clients. Fill out the form to the right to view a recording of the panel. 

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Featured Presenters

Steve Doire, CFA, CPA, CPCU

Strategic Platform and Client Advisor, Clearwater Analytics

Eric Tanaka

Director, Financial Reserves Relationship Management, Wellington Management

Rip Reeves

Chief Investment Officer and Treasurer, AEGIS Insurance Services