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Riding the Highs and Lows: Economic Outlook 2022

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Institutional investors are closely watching how the Fed will respond amid historic inflation concerns now and recession worries ahead. What do economic experts predict for 2022? 

In this co-hosted webinar, presenters from Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Clearwater Analytics will share insights and analysis into what’s ahead and what investors should know. 

We will also dive into technology solutions that can help investors manage their portfolios and liquidity in the face of changing market conditions. 

Presenters will cover:

  • An overview of the economic outlook for 2022
  • How recent updates from the May Fed meeting could impact interest rates and investor activity
  • How new technologies and integrations enhance treasury operations, and related benefits of the Goldman Sachs partnership with Clearwater
  • Overview of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Clearwater platform connection (Clearwater Solution and Mosaic)

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Featured Presenters

Cody Lott

Director of Corporate Treasury Solutions

Patrick O'Callaghan

Global Head of Client Portfolio Management, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Henrietta Farley

Product Manager, Goldman Sachs Asset Management