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Food for Thought: Not All Investment Accounting Solutions Are Created Equal

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Currently, getting your data is hard and time-consuming, and the insights from it aren’t crystal clear. Let’s not even get started on the time-consuming reconciliations and the never-ending updating and testing of new software releases you need due to new calculations and regulations.

Tune in to our recorded webinar to hear Rick Smith, Head of Insurance Solutions at Clearwater Analytics, discuss how Clearwater solves these problems with a seamless, single-vendor solution to streamline your processes.

Attend to discover:

  • How you can eliminate the costs of your data warehouses.
  • What report customization options Clearwater offers all clients (Hint, no IT involvement required!).
  • The way Clearwater configures tiered-pricing calculations – customizable individual security pricing by security type, account, and more.
  • How simple it is to perform time-series analysis to compare prior period data points.

Clearwater has converted over $3.5 trillion in assets from outdated legacy software to provide businesses with better asset class coverage, daily reconciliation, and over 450 reports with 1,000+ analytical. Join us to learn how you can benefit too!


Rick Smith

Head of Insurance Solutions, Clearwater Analytics