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Making the Switch: Everything You Need to Know About Transforming Your Financial Technology




Switch for a switch? Schedule some time with us to talk about what a successful finance transformation looks like for your business, and we’ll throw in a Nintendo Switch.



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The decision to switch to a new investment accounting and reporting solution is a big one. We understand. At Clearwater, we’ve helped hundreds of insurers do just that.  

Although it might seem overwhelming to make a change, the benefits are worth it. 

In this informative, 60-minute conversation, industry experts Brian Slattery, Barbara Stegall, and Rick Smith provide insights into how to achieve a successful finance transformation.

What was covered:

  • Why relying on outdated technology and multiple systems to handle important aspects of your business is putting you at risk
  • What to look for in new technology for the best results and to see a higher return on investment
  • How to embrace change and engage your team in the process

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