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  • July 22, 2022

The Foundation of Your Success: Clearwater Global Delivery

As the head of Clearwater Global Delivery, it is my privilege to support the implementation and launch of new clients, and existing clients with new assets, onto the Clearwater platform.

Beginning in the sales process, my team works to develop a future state vision unique to each client. We have done this more than 1,400 times for businesses of all sizes and in all the industries we support.

Who We Are

We are a passionate team of 225 professionals with experience spanning project management, Big Four consulting, and SaaS implementations.  Across our team, we offer expertise in NAIC, IFRS, GAAP, Schedule D, insurance, and investment accounting. We help you reconcile everything from simple investments to alternatives including derivatives, LPs, mortgage loans, and more.

Our success is measured by two major factors:

  1. Onboarding your accounts on time including data feeds, reconciliation, parallel accounting, and training
  2. Your overall satisfaction with the process

What We Do

The goal is to drive a seamless transition to Clearwater so that in the future you won’t hesitate to put additional assets on the Clearwater platform and ultimately that you’ll want to tell others about your positive experience.

One of the fun aspects of our work is helping you to acquire other companies and bring additional AUM on to Clearwater. We also support some clients as they spin out of an existing organization. Either way, we work alongside you in tight timeframes, and we mobilize a team to ensure you hit the ground running, on time, and happy with Clearwater. We focus on being nimble and bringing industry experts to the project to ensure your success.

Global Delivery and the entire Operations team are committed to a top-notch client experience, supporting you and your organization through big and small changes while you transform your investment accounting and reporting operations using Clearwater.

Simply put, we put you at the center of everything we do. We listen to you. We work with you to plan and deliver on more efficient accounting. The truth is, we love working with our clients. We love celebrating client wins and go-lives, and we’re here to support your unique needs.

We’re Here to Help

If ever you have questions, feedback, or just want to celebrate with us, please reach out. I’d love to connect with you personally.

To learn more about Clearwater’s differentiated approach to investment accounting and reporting, click here to schedule a personalized meeting with one of our experts and see our solution live.