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  • July 13, 2023

Radical Transparency with the Clearwater Pricing Comparison Report


We have seen a consistent problem across the industry where there is often different pricing for the same security between custodians and asset managers. This inconsistency in data can lead to confusion when trying to determine the proper pricing of securities. Additionally, this can also cause a lack of trust in the numbers being reported. 

Clearwater solves these problems with the Pricing Comparison Report, a tool that provides a consistent dataset to properly align the pricing values of securities across all accounts. The Pricing Comparison Report gives clients instant access to reliable and trustworthy pricing data throughout their investment portfolio. This invaluable tool helps with audit capabilities, as it allows the client to explain discrepancies in prices when reporting on assets.

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Clarity Through the Pricing Comparison Report

Clearwater’s Pricing Comparison Report provides businesses with clarity into the market value of their investments. It delivers an efficient method to compare pricing from two sources to achieve a consensus on the value of securities. 

Using fully reconciled and validated data, the tool works by running a report to pull three key values:

  • The market value of each security according to custodian data
  • Third-party price vendor market values for each of the same securities
  • The price difference between the custodian data and the third-party price vendor

Prices that are different by more than the prescribed tolerance are sent to the Clearwater client servicing team, who will determine the cause of the pricing disparity.

A Pricing Report with Consistency and Configurability

Clearwater’s clients can also create a hierarchy for their pricing sources to ensure consistency in the pricing used. Most often, this results in a third-party data source being used to provide the market value for the portfolio. 

Users can configure the Pricing Comparison Report by creating and inserting extra columns, formulating calculated values, and grouping by data. In this way, you can calculate the difference in pricing for individual securities, as well as seeing the total difference in the portfolio.

A Powerful Report to Make Informed Decisions

The Pricing Comparison Report is a valuable tool to help companies understand the market value of their investments regularly. Many of our clients rely on this report to determine the value of their assets on a quarterly basis.

This report is automatically built into the Clearwater solution, so it is included for any new clients that implement Clearwater into their investment accounting and reporting processes. It is just one of many reports in the Clearwater ecosystem that can help businesses elevate their work and productivity. 

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