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  • March 28, 2019

Clearwater Launches Re-Designed Digital Publication for Investment Professionals

First and foremost, our overall mission for this publication has not changed. It remains: to provide investment and accounting professionals with the most up-to-date information on industry changes, best practices, news, and trends.

We will continue to do so by publishing and sharing articles written by Clearwater’s industry and investment operations experts, dispatches from important industry events, regulatory updates and commentary from those with a front-row view, as well as links to the relevant information we are reading and think you should be, too.

What Has Changed

Because we realize your time is valuable, the new Clear Insights enables you to discover content as quickly as possible. We aimed to do this with several core improvements:

  1. Intuitive categorization and tagging
  2. Article read times
  3. Improved search and filtering
  4. Access to additional resources
  5. Sharing

Intuitive Categorization and Tagging

Let’s have a look around! The first thing you have likely noticed is the site is arranged a bit differently than in the past. We have organized articles and posts around five categories to make it as easy as possible to find what is most valuable to you.

Market Insights Category Icon


This category is where we keep timely (and often technical) updates that impact investment accounting professionals. Examples include: annual guidance updates from the NAIC; accounting considerations related to government reform; upcoming changes from EIOPA; and more. The topics published here are similar to the Market Insight Papers available on Clearwater’s Resources Center.

Investment Operations Category Icon


This is Clearwater’s particular corner of the universe. Each day, we live and breathe investment operations. In this category, we will describe what we are learning, document best practices around topics like data aggregation, reconciliation, and reporting, and simply share helpful information about the subject we know best.

FinTech Category Icon


We are proud to be a FinTech provider. As a cloud-native solution since day one, we have a unique perspective as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has quickly overtaken the landscape as the preferred software deployment for organizations leading their industries. And, as an innovative software shop and a data-rich firm, we have a lot to say about FinTech.

Industry Events Category Icon


People are at the heart of our solution, and the reason we work tirelessly to solve challenges. That’s why we make it a top priority to attend and participate in industry events, both at the national and regional level. We also frequently host networking gatherings, CE-accredited presentations, and other events.

Clearwater Community Category Icon


The Clearwater Community category is the place to look for news about … Clearwater! We are proud of how we do business, and like to share a bit of what we have going on behind the scenes. We will also post product-related articles to help Clearwater users and provide a glimpse of our capabilities to those who might be interested.

Article Read Times

We have made it much easier for you, the reader, to quickly gauge the length of each Clear Insights article. Article read times (calculated by minutes) can be found throughout the site, including with each listing and at the top of each article page.

Clear Insights New Article Read Times

Improved Search and Filtering

Another great way to use Clear Insights is the search bar at the top of the page. Enter the topic, term, or question you have to see related articles from our entire catalogue. Want to narrow your search? Use the filtering options in the header to choose a specific category or sort your results. If you do not find what you are looking for, we have added a simple way to request an insight or additional information.

Clear Insights Improved Search and Filtering

Access to Additional Clearwater Resources

At the end of each article, whenever applicable, we provide Clearwater resources directly from our Resource library to provide an extra layer of insight into a particular topic. Additionally, you can access the full Resources Center at any time in the footer.

Clear Insights Resource Sample Card


Our hope is that you will appreciate what you read so much you’ll want to share it with your network to help others with their work. Now you can share your favorite articles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, email, directly from the site. Give it a try now by clicking a sharing icon the blue banner!

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