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  • March 3, 2017

Clearwater Insurance Specialists Nominated for IASA’s “Top 30 Under 30”

Congratulations to Diana Gallinger and Robert Lindsay, who have made IASA’s “Top 30 Under 30” list! “Top 30 Under 30” recognizes 30 outstanding young insurance professionals from IASA member companies that represent a variety of functional business and technology areas. Diana and Robert, both regular contributors to Clear Insights, consistently deliver NAIC updates and market insights for Clearwater users and other insurance professionals. They work tirelessly to provide support and training for our clients, attend and host speaking engagements, and ensure that the Clearwater system is updated to support any upcoming regulatory changes.

Diana Gallinger, NAIC Product Owner, NAIC Filing, Clearwater Analytics

Diana Gallinger

Diana helps insurers improve and streamline their investment accounting and reporting. Diana specializes in ensuring accurate and proactive communication of NAIC investment-related updates internally, and to Clearwater clients. She has a bachelor’s in accounting and finance from Boise State University.


“As a product owner, many times I can see my ideas on how a particular software should function brought to fruition. The evolution of the initial idea into a tangible product is what drives me towards the next step in a project every day. It inspires me to see that both the creative and the creation processes are necessary in producing something useful or beneficial.”


“I’ve been interested in business since I was in high school. My senior year I was part of a team that won nationals for Business Professionals of America. Our speech gave recommendations to the food industry on how to improve product advertising to avoid lawsuits.”

Robert Lindsay, Insurance Lead, Clearwater Analytics

Robert Lindsay

Robert has deep domain knowledge of insurers’ accounting and reporting issues. He attends NAIC meetings and helps ensure the Clearwater solution proactively addresses regulatory changes. Robert has a master’s degree in accountancy, and bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Idaho.


“Teaching and training others. From tutoring in high school and college to presenting at my work, at colleges or on webinars, I enjoy teaching.”


“I’m an avid history buff, primarily American but also Irish. As a part of this, I follow Gaelic football as much as someone living in America can.”