Office Engagement: Women in Technology Event Noida India

Women in Technology; The challenges women face in the sector
Women in Technology; The challenges women face in the sector
Women in Technology; The challenges women face in the sector
Women in Technology; The challenges women face in the sector
Women in Technology; The challenges women face in the sector

In our ongoing commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace, we recently organized a special event that focused on empowering women in the technology industry. The event featured three female colleagues: Sulbha Bansal, Pakhi Agarwal, and Aditi Aggarwal. They shared valuable insights and experiences they gained from attending a Women in Tech conference. Additionally, we had the privilege of hosting a guest speaker, Dr. Manju Kak from the All-India Women Conference, who shared stories about the origins and evolution of the women in tech movement.

The event had a significant impact on the participants, promoting a greater understanding of the challenges faced by women in the tech industry and inspiring action towards positive change. It encouraged dialogue and networking, and it fostered a sense of community and support among employees. Participants gained practical insights about managing work-life balance and witnessed the power of women’s collective efforts through the stories shared by the guest speaker.

Thoughts from Anurag Singh, Managing Director India, Clearwater

A few decades ago, in my younger days, we used to have so few women who would opt for Engineering in India. It was seen as a manonly field. My elder sister, who studied engineering at NIT, Bhopal in the mid-eighties, was one of the less than ten girls in her class of hundreds. Over the years, with our society’s focus on women’s rights and empowerment, the world has changed so dramatically for the better. One visible outcome is that many more women are choosing engineering and technology as their field of study and for their careers.

At Clearwater Analytics in India, around 30% of our colleagues are women. I would love to have that number go up to 50% in the next few years.

To celebrate our diversity and share learnings, Monika Bamalwa, Sulbha Bansal, Aditi Aggarwal and Pakhi Agarwal conducted a session on “Women in Technology” to discuss the challenges women face in our sector, ways to overcome these challenges, and learnings from the experiences of women in senior leadership positions.

An organization that has been at the forefront of bringing about positive change in the lives of Indian women is the All India Women’s Conference (AIWC), an organization with over one hundred thousand members. AIWC, with its vision of “Education, Emancipation and Empowerment of Wome,” has over the course of the last ninety years worked to ensure the right to vote for women, equal rights to property and for child custody, ending polygamy, a ban on child marriages, and various grassroot efforts through its 500 branches spread across India.

Dr. Manju Kak, an eminent writer, an art and cultural historian, and Secretary General of the All India Women’s Conference (AIWC), gave an inspirational talk on the history of women’s rights in India. HE spoke about the lineage and leadership of AIWC, and the change that they have helped bring about in all these years. I hope some of the #Clearwater women will join hands with #AIWC and partner with us to shape our future.

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