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France Active | Boosts Transparency, French GAAP Compliance, and Overall Investment Oversight

France Active went live on the Clearwater platform to simplify their investment accounting operations and centralize their accounting book of record. Joining a 60-plus community of diverse organizations live on Clearwater in France, France Active has chosen Clearwater’s award-winning SaaS platform to stay compliant with local accounting standards and gain cohesive alignment with the market and regulators.

Market / Public Sector
France Active is a French non-profit organization that aims to support and promote entrepreneurship, especially among individuals and groups facing social or economic disadvantages. Founded in 1988, France Active operates as a network of local and regional associations throughout France. Its primary focus is on fostering economic and social development by providing financial assistance, guidance, and resources to help individuals start and develop their businesses.
Headquarters: France
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  • Technology to automate tasks associated with reconciliation and reporting 
  • A modern solution for a single source of truth for accounting, risk, compliance, and regulatory reporting 
  • Timely book-of-record accounting 
  • Efficient period-end operational tasks 
  • Increased productivity

“Clearwater Analytics’ unique blend of expertise and its innovative SaaS-based platform help us to comply with changing investment accounting standards and meet French GAAP standards, simplifying what was previously a complex, manual-driven process.”

Benoît Coujandassamy, Treasurer at France Active