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We get it—we’ve transformed the world of investment data management, accounting, and reporting and have helped organizations around the world streamline the aggregation, reconciliation, and reporting of their investment data.

Need proof? We’ll let our 1,000+ clients (and their numbers) speak for themselves!

See it for yourself:

Using Clearwater Analytics enables you to:

Reduce time spent reconciling investment data. 

Our clients have seen:  

  • 86%-time savings (1 person reconciling versus 7)

“The reconciliation happens daily so we can identify issues before the close happens. With the centralized process, we can do the reconciliation once instead of seven times.”

Reduce time spent on accounting and reporting. 

Our clients have seen: 

  • 75%-time savings in reporting (6 days per month down to 1 day) 

“The customized reports are fabulous. The ability for Clearwater licenses to be used across all areas of the company including tax, investments, accounting, front and back office is huge.” 

  • 50%-time savings creating quarterly reports 

“The reporting logic in Clearwater makes it much easier to do reporting. Instead of sending five files to the accounting department, we just send one file.” 

Reduce time managing multiple on-prem and/or legacy systems.  

Our clients have seen: 

  • 160-hour reduction in internal IT support 

“We had to bring in external IT consultants to do internal programming any time we wanted to add new reports. With Clearwater, we no longer have to do that.” 

Reduce time identifying and resolving compliance issues.  

Our clients have seen: 

  • 640 hours saved per year in compliance monitoring 

“One of the biggest benefits of Clearwater is that compliance alerts come 90 days sooner. It previously took us about a quarter to become aware if we were out of compliance.” 

Close books faster at period-end.  

Our clients have seen: 

  • 80%-time savings in closing the books (from 5 days per quarter down to 1 day) 

“Clearwater does the daily soft close, and we can see the mistakes before the quarter-end and make adjustments in real time.” 

Grow assets under management.  

Our clients have seen: 

  • 40% of AUM growth due to Clearwater ($10B) 

“We had an 8-10% annual growth because of Clearwater. Without Clearwater, we would have struggled to keep up with the demand from the front office. The back office would have been the bottleneck.”  

  • 10bps of growth due to Clearwater ($10M) 

“We were able to integrate two new ventures which doubled our AUM. We couldn’t have grown without Clearwater.”  

The proof is in the pudding. If your organization can benefit from more efficient operations, request a demo today and say goodbye to the manual aggregation, reconciliation, and reporting of data.