Videos Impacts of Current Volatility

Impairment Analysis

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Volatile. Paradigm-shifting. Unprecedented. These seem to be the words and characterizations closest at hand for those trying to make sense of the current COVID-19-induced market upheaval.

What do ongoing credit and market losses mean for asset impairments? How are top corporations and investment managers evolving their approach to impairments analysis (in the short term), and their CECL implementation (in the long term)? What are the key considerations for specific securities?

Listen to the webinar recording and hear the panel of industry practitioners discuss:

  • How institutional investors are thinking about impairments in the current environment
  • Specific security types
  • Considerations toward a more conservative approach to impairment and allowance decisions
  • Evaluation metrics and processes for impairments and allowances

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how the events of Q1 2020 are impacting how investors think about impairments
  • Hear recommendations for impairment evaluations and cadences in the current environment
  • Understand how key metrics for impairment analysis are evolving

Featured Presenters

Wheatley Garner

Executive Director, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Global Insurance Solutions

Mark Celaya

Former Chief Investment Officer, Oracle Corporation

Josh Petersen

Enterprise Solutions Specialist, Clearwater Analytics

Laray Stoffels

Solutions Consultant, Clearwater Analytics