ETFs Evolving Role in the Insurance Industry

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Most insurers are now using ETFs (exchange traded funds) in their portfolio. A recent Clearwater survey found 58% of insurers polled have equity ETFs in their portfolio and 56% invest in bond ETFs. What’s next for this expanding market?

Watch Clearwater’s Lisa Stange, CFA, as she hosts a panel with Vanguard’s Jeff Freeman, CFA, CFP and Jane Street’s Ugo Egbunike to discuss trends in insurance companies’ usage of ETFs and review the ETF structure and trading best practices.

Learning Objectives:

  • View a peer study to learn what your competitors are holding and why, and what is next
  • Improve your ETF trade — get tips on timing, execution, and avoiding unnecessary fees
  • Understand how to optimize regulatory capital, including what funds are capital efficient and how you should account for them
  • Delve inside the ETF creation-redemption mechanism for a review of the inner workings of ETFs

Featured Presenters

Lisa Stange, CFA (Moderator)

Insurance Solutions and Services Advisor, Clearwater Analytics

Jeff Freeman, CFA, CFP®

Regional Director, Insurance General Accounts at Vanguard

Ugo Egbunike

Fixed Income Specialist, Jane Street