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Tipping Points Workshop Series

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What is the tipping point for change? Investment and treasury teams make decisions every day for how to optimize the cash on their balance sheet. During times of economic upheaval and rising rates, this might mean delving into a new strategy like internal or external portfolio management, Repos, or technology transformation. Check out the webinar recording descriptions below and click the links to get your download.

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This event has now expired.

Planning to take your portfolio to internal management? So are many other treasuries. Considering SMAs? You aren’t alone.

What is the key driver to choosing this strategy? This workshop is led by Justin Stoddard, whose experience includes consulting with corporate treasury teams across North America.

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Justin Stoddard

Corporate Treasury Solutions Leader, Clearwater Analytics

Keith Raymond

Corporate Treasury Solutions Leader, Clearwater Analytics

Many institutions and treasury teams are turning to Repurchase Agreements (Repos) to accommodate short-term financing and liquidity.

We partnered with Chimera Investment Corporation CAO Kelley Kortman, and Circle’s Senior Director of Treasury Dave Morgan to host a workshop where we discussed the current Repo market, technology challenges faced by institutional investors, and the tipping points for many as they move into Repos.

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Matt Moore

REIT Solutions Executive, Clearwater Analytics

John Sigrist

Solutions Consultant, Clearwater Analytics

Is your organization considering transforming your finance department to better drive strategy and value through leveraging technology and innovation? At Clearwater, we’ve helped many organizations successfully make this transition. In this workshop, solution experts, Lauren Rice and Chris Fisher, whose experience spans from operations, to treasury, to sales, held a Q&A on what factors influence a financial transformation.

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Lauren Rice

Corporate Treasury Solutions, Clearwater Analytics

Chris Fisher

Treasury Solutions Consultant, Clearwater Analytics

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