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Q4 2021 Product Enhancements Webinar

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Watch the recording of our recent webinar, Q4 Product Enhancements, to learn about recent product releases from Clearwater and see a demo of these enhancements from Clearwater experts.

Clearwater product managers demonstrated the latest Clearwater enhancements in detail and explored real-world examples of how users can optimize their experience on the Clearwater system:


  • LIBOR Transition Update
  • Pro-Rata Billing
  • Pledge Manager
  • Private Equity Enhancements
  • Enhanced Statement Updates

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore enhancements in preparation for LIBOR cessation.
  • Learn about billing and pledge manager updates and how to incorporate these enhancements.
  • Understand how the Private Equity Enhancements gives you better reporting and visibility into these holdings.
  • Learn about new Enhanced Statement updates and how it makes your end-client reporting a more efficient process.

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Featured Presenters

Yana Sadouskaya

Senior Product Manager, Clearwater Analytics

Ted Moore

Product Owner, Clearwater Analytics

John Richardson

Product Owner, Clearwater Analytics

Eric Berliner

Product Manager, Clearwater Analytics

Bridger Putnam

Software Development Engineer, Clearwater Analytics