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Managing the Transition to T+1 and Beyond

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A webinar hosted by FundFire and sponsored by Clearwater Analytics 

The SEC’s move to T+1 settlement in May 2024 – itself likely a weigh station on the way to T+0 – is putting new pressure on asset managers and brokers, as they prepare to comply and learn how it will impact their business. These rules will affect most broker-dealer transactions and bring challenges to various asset classes. Asset owners need to know the impacts to their portfolios and be proactive in implementing safeguards to address the coming changes.  

In this webinar, panelists discussed the challenges of a T+1 settlement cycle, what’s top of mind for asset managers, and explored available resources to navigate the transition. This on-demand recording offers valuable insights to enhance your knowledge and stay ahead in the dynamic world of financial asset management. 

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Featured Presenters

Alex Strekel

Director, Investment Management Solutions

Mara Gauger

Manager, Deloitte Advisory, Deloitte