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This resource hub is here to help you conquer IFRS 9. With the changes coming into affect soon, below you’ll find everything you need. You can talk to an expert, use the checklist to review where you are on your journey, or download the eGuide to understand more about why these changes are happening and how your peers in the industry are adapting.

IFRS 9 Implementation Checklist

Download the IFRS 9 checklist to help with the transition of IFRS 9. We walk you through the steps needed to prepare and have an efficient transition once the deadline takes affect.


IFRS 9: The New Standard

This guide provides an explanation of the steps for implementing IFRS 9 with Clearwater. We also breakdown the changes coming with IFRS 9 with a detailed review of what insurers need to know to prepare.


Some of the challenges reviewed include:

  • Classification and measurement accuracy
  • Having a single source for the different impairment data points
  • Validating and analysing data for reporting and disclosures

Clearwater has transformed the world of investment accounting, reconciliation, and reporting. We help clients plan and implement IFRS 9 through our comprehensive solution by:

Integrating with third parties for SPPI and ECL data
Providing a new accounting option to manage the equity securities to be recognised at FVTPL
Managing “OCI Impairment Allowance”
Offering new IFRS 9 disclosures for Allowance, Staging, and Carrying amount

Speak to an expert to learn how we can help you with IFRS 9.

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