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  • November 2, 2017

Your 2017 Year-End Checklist is here!

Written by:
The Clearwater Team

There are many things you or your investment accounting provider must keep track of while closing your books at year-end and while preparing for 2018. Clearwater’s experts have prepared checklists to assist you, whether you are a US insurer, government entity, or corporate treasury. EU insurers can find their own checklist here.

These checklists include steps on how to best streamline your year-end close, along with additional resources featuring best practices, tips, and industry-oriented articles on how peers in your industry reduce their workloads at year-end.

Download your 2017 US insurance year-end checklist here or your corporate treasury and government year-end checklist here to get a jump-start on a smooth year-end close. These checklists are interactive PDFs and are best viewed in Adobe Reader or in Chrome and Safari.

Clearwater can help streamline your period-end close process and the daily tasks associated with investment accounting and reporting. For more information, visit our Resources Center or email us at info@clearwateranalytics.com.

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