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  • November 3, 2023

Mortgage Loan Processing Done Right

Saving Time Through Technology

One of Clearwater’s core objectives is to empower investors with automated solutions for their processes across their entire portfolio. Why? Because when you automate tasks like investment data aggregation, reconciliation, and validation, you can focus your time and attention on more value-added work instead. 

Every day, Clearwater automatically aggregates, reconciles, and reports on more than $6.4 trillion in assets and liabilities across a wide range of asset types, from fixed-income portfolios to residential and commercial mortgage loans, limited partnerships, derivatives, bank loans, and many others.  

This expansive asset class coverage allows investors in a range of industries, including mortgage REITs, to consolidate their technology and processes into a single, comprehensive solution. Streamlining investment accounting and reporting processes then allows these companies to simplify and scale their operations.  

Simplifying Mortgage Loan Investing  

Nearly a decade ago, Clearwater debuted accounting and reporting solutions for mortgage loans. Through direct feedback from clients, market changes, new regulations, a unique perspective on best practices, and more, this solution is continually enhanced and refined to meet the needs of modern investing.  

Today, Clearwater has over 170 clients withboth residential and commercial mortgage loans on the system. Clearwater integrates seamlessly with origination and servicing software’s and can also directly integrate with external originators and servicers to capture cash flows and balances, SMF information for new loans, and additional draws and commitments for complex types such as construction loans.  Data is then processed and reconciled between the servicers/software and custody cash movements. This data is then validated tracking amortization, accrued interest, cash movements, fair value, and all lifecycle events including fees, principal payments, curtailments, and many others. With this, all subsequent journal entries are created and are coded to match client’s chart of accounts. Ultimately flowing through to Clearwater’s flexible reporting platform allowing daily, customizable, reporting. 

Growing Together  

A key part of Clearwater’s commitment to simplifying the investment process is offering scalable technology where enhancements and new capabilities are continuously released. As a single instance, multi-tenant platform, the Clearwater product, by design, allows all clients to benefit from the needs of other teams across our wide, global client base.   

Clearwater’s technology, along with years of experience, ensures Clearwater continues to provide best-in-class investment accounting and reporting. The expansive client segments Clearwater serves allows for substantial growth and investment into solving manual and tedious processes for clients who invest in mortgage loans. This combined with complete coverage of additional structured products, derivatives, and financing (REPOs, warehouse lines, etc.) allows mortgage REIT clients to scale and improve processes without the need to maintain multiple systems. 

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