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  • June 15, 2023

Investment Management’s Technology Platform of the Future

There has never been a better time for investment managers to make strategic technology commitments. In fact, recent research by Deloitte University shows that investment leaders who invest significantly in technology achieve higher levels of growth and profitability.

Since technology is a major factor in business performance, what criteria should investment managers consider when choosing their investment management platform?

Read on to find out what your future investment management technology platform should look like. 

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1. It is a 100% integrated digital platform

The investment management platform of the future consolidates all data and investment management activities (fund management, discretionary management, direct management, etc.), as well as all data from front, middle, back, and reporting processes.

It can also manage all the company’s asset classes (current and future) while interfacing with your entire internal and external ecosystem (asset servicers, market data providers, management companies, brokers, IS solutions, etc.) thanks to an open architecture and an extensive range of APIs.

2. It is accessible from anywhere, securely

Cloud hosting means the investment management platform of the future can be accessed from anywhere by internal staff, allowing employees to work remotely with no loss of operational efficiency.

Modern cloud-based solutions enable cross-device access (PC, tablet, smartphone) as well as access across various applications (web browsers, smartphone applications, Microsoft Office plugins, etc.).

It is accessible externally to clients, vendors, and the distribution network 

With real-time, self-service data access via a web portal or smartphone application, tomorrow’s investment management software provides customers and partners with a more complete experience.

It is open but secure 

The more open the technology, the more important the risk, security, and validation aspects become.

When selecting the vendor with whom you will create your investment ecosystem, make sure to choose one who is a recognised leader in cyber security, operationally resilient, and with a long track record of delivering quality services and solutions you can trust.

3. It enables AI-based investment management

The platform of the future uses new technologies to improve investment managers’ productivity on several levels.

  • Research: It uses big data and artificial intelligence to analyse and process multi-source data, standardise it, and produce investment summaries
  • Investment: It uses machine learning to test investment strategies
  • Management: Technology enables automated and customised financial insights
  • Reporting: The use of natural language processing (NLP) allows investment management commentaries to be written automatically

All these new technologies are connected to the integrated platform via APIs.

4. It enables responsible investments

ESG investments have become a mainstream strategy and most investment managers have adjusted their investment portfolios accordingly.

ESG investments are playing an increasingly important role in shaping society, which means that the risks and opportunities of investment portfolios that include ESG investments need to be addressed as effectively as possible in the years and decades to come.

From a platform perspective, this means it can retrieve and use ESG analysis data and integrate responsible investments into investment analysis.

In addition, it stands out by providing new and innovative ESG products via these in-house analyses and methodologies. It also provides legible performance indicators, especially in terms of sustainability.

5. The service infrastructure is impeccable

In this new era of ever-changing investment technology, the level of support provided by your technology partner is extremely important.

Be sure you are selecting a technology ecosystem partner who delivers a first-rate service experience and find out about their support infrastructure and the extent of their investment in these domains. The best service experience will come from a worldwide team of experts with the necessary technology and industry expertise to solve any challenge you may face.

The ideal foundation for your investment ecosystem 

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