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  • August 16, 2016

IASA Learning Continues Online!

The IASA Annual Conference in San Antonio just ended, but the IASA offers learning opportunities all year long! In 2016 alone, the IASA e-learning committee will offer 13 CPE credit-eligible webinars on industry-specific topics. Some of the upcoming webinars will be based on Annual Conference sessions, so if you missed a presentation or have a topic you want more information about, keep an eye on the e-learning website for more details!

This was my third year attending the IASA Annual. As always, it was a great example of industry expertise and camaraderie. I attended several sessions that focused on change – whether that be generational changes in the workforce, changes in emerging risks, or the changing definition of reinsurance, change seems to be at the top of everyone’s minds.

One time-tested strategy for overcoming change is to attend open forum discussions with peers. This is especially true for insurance, where changes move quickly across the industry and often have complex ripple-effects. Talking with colleagues and other industry experts about best practices and what they’ve learned makes the insurance investment accounting industry stronger and more cohesive as a whole, and saves you from experiencing hard, painful lessons.

In the spirit of continued and communal learning, I recently talked to Cindi Feldner, Assistant Vice President of Life Accounting for Motorists Mutual Insurance Company, about her experiences with e-learning webinars. Motorists is a regional company with national reach through its affiliations with other organizations in The Motorists Insurance Group.

Cindi has a B.S. in Finance from Franklin University and is a licensed CPA. She has worked in the insurance industry for more than 37 years, and I asked her about how she stays ahead of changes in the industry and the value she’s gained from the e-learning webinars.

Q. How did you first hear about IASA’s e-learning webinars?

Through one of the IASA’s emails. I’ve been attending regularly since I first learned about them. My favorite webinar so far has been the Excel tips and tricks. That webinar has saved me a lot of time!

Q. What other sources help you keep up-to-date on industry changes?

I receive emails from ACLI, KMPG, our annual statement vendor, and several other vendors. I also always attend the Ohio Chapter IASA conference each November, which is extremely informative. The speakers we get for that are top-notch industry experts, and they share a wealth of knowledge with us.

Q. What are some of the key benefits you’ve gained from attending IASA’s webinars?

Well, free CPE is always helpful! But beyond CPE, the information is always relevant, timely, and applicable. The online access means they are easy to attend, and the IASA does a great job of giving plenty of advance notice so I can make time for it. The webinar and related materials are always high-quality and useful, and I appreciate the time that they take to ensure that these are relevant to the insurance industry.

Q. Are there any upcoming webinars that you plan to attend?

I don’t have any currently scheduled, but there are a couple that interest me that I hope to work into my calendar. I might try the recorded versions if the live versions aren’t at a convenient time.

Q. What do you value most about the IASA annual conferences?

This year’s keynote speakers were all great! I always like the opportunity to gather information from vendors about solutions, and I always look forward to learning new things at all the breakout sessions. The lineup of sessions was so great, it was so hard for me to decide on some of them. And of course, networking and the night life in San Antonio on the River Walk.

Cindi was the winner of the e-learning committee’s “We Get By with a Little Help From Our Friends – Refer a Friend!” contest, where she won a free pass to the Annual IASA conference! This is an ongoing contest, so keep spreading the word. Anytime a colleague enters your name and member company as their referrer during the webinar registration process, you’ll both be entered to win great IASA prizes.

With more webinars—including two Excel-focused presentations like the one Cindi mentioned—coming up soon, be sure to check the e-learning website often and register for these insightful and engaging learning experiences. Attendees can now submit questions in advance to be answered during or after the webinar. This is a very powerful tool to get the personalized help you need to grow your skill set, and I highly suggest trying out the question submission on the next webinar you register for! Keep the feedback coming as well, so that we on the e-learning committee can continue to improve the user experience and make these webinars as valuable as possible!

CPE Credits and More

To watch these webinars, and learn about other upcoming opportunities, visit the IASA E-Learning Webinars homepage.

This article is slightly edited from its original version, which first appeared in the IASA E-Interpreter. Reprinted with permission.