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  • January 6, 2023

How Technology is Driving Efficiency in a Competitive mREIT Market

Whether private or public, specialized in commercial or residential, agency or non-agency, purchasing or originating mortgages and mortgage-backed securities: All mREITs need lean operations and efficient processes to meet their investors’ expectations and remain relevant.

Technology Provides a Competitive Advantage for mREITs 

In today’s fast-paced and volatile market, innovative mREITs are increasingly turning to technology solutions to optimize their sophisticated investment accounting and financial engineering operations. There is a shift among mREITs to move from monthly and quarterly reporting to daily.

Data management technologies have enabled more informed decision-making for mREITs by providing them with a daily, updated, single source of truth, and the tools needed to analyze large datasets quickly and accurately. Automating routine, time sensitive tasks such as portfolio aggregation, reconciliation and financial reporting allows mREITs to reallocate their resources and spend more time analyzing investments rather than maintaining their books.

What makes a mREIT want to partner with Clearwater? 

As the premier software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for mREITs, Clearwater helps optimize the efficiency of their daily investment accounting and reporting processes and provides access to all investment data from a single platform. Some of the reasons mREITs choose Clearwater include:

Daily Transparency 

Transparency to income (interest, amortization/accretion, etc.) is pivotal to clean accounting, and Clearwater is committed to helping mREITs achieve the highest levels of transparency in their reporting processes. Clearwater provides mREITs with easy access to data from disparate sources and across their entire portfolio, so they can ensure all income is accurately reported.

Audit Control 

Clearwater supports a wide range of asset classes and data types in order to report audit level calculations for sensitive items such as yield, price, tax, payments, coupons, and more. The Clearwater servicing team serves as an extension of clients’ accounting teams, providing SOC I Type II reports bi-annually and on-demand audit quality reporting through the Clearwater website, helping to ensure mREITs meet their control requirements.

Streamlined Processes 

Clearwater takes on the monthly reporting tasks of key personnel, allowing mREITs to run lean accounting teams and reallocate responsibilities of full-time employees performing data management and IT tasks. Through Clearwater, workflows can be customized and automated to establish repeatable processes, saving teams time as they work to close books at period end.

A Use Case for Clearwater Analytics

Clearwater’s mREIT clients rely on the Clearwater solution to serve as the subledger for their entire book of investments. The Clearwater dashboard is a multi-tenant, cloud-based software providing a user-friendly interface and immediate access to daily updated, audit-quality month end reporting.

Each day, investment data is aggregated and reconciled to ensure mREITs have access to the most up-to-date information available. Clearwater also sends complete reports to ERPs to ensure everyone on the team has access to consistent, accurate data.

With Clearwater Analytics, mREITs have access to a comprehensive platform that allows them to easily monitor and manage their investments. They can quickly identify areas for improvement and efficiently make decisions about their portfolios.

In an industry where efficiency and world-class accounting are key to success, Clearwater provides technology to streamline processes and enable growth. With the ability to easily monitor, analyze and report on investment data, Clearwater is the ideal solution for mREITs looking to optimize their business.

Want to learn more? Reach out today to learn more about what Clearwater can do for you. We would love to connect you to our extensive network of clients and internal experts to discuss any concepts surrounding mREITs and investment accounting.