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  • March 20, 2023

Clearwater JUMP: A Full Lifecycle Investment Management Platform

With the acquisition of JUMP Technology, Clearwater Analytics has expanded its platform to include a wider range of features and functionality. Clearwater JUMP presents managers with an established end-to-end platform that provides robust functional coverage for front, middle, and back-office investment operations.

Clearwater JUMP is a natively modular technology that allows users to select exactly which features they would like to implement. This “right sizing” ensures the most effective long-term benefits while also offering immediate return on investment at a lower total cost of ownership relative to other solutions. While there are many new features available on the platform, here are some of the highlights.

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An End-to-End Investment Solution

Clearwater JUMP is a trusted, scalable, cloud-based solution for the front, middle and back offices of asset managers. This highly configurable platform addresses the needs of operations and investment teams of any size while offering scalability to enable growth. The modularity of the platform allows teams to replace multiple vendors or mix and match across OMS, performance, CRM, accounting, and reporting. This modularity extends the use case beyond asset managers to include corporations and insurance companies looking to replace legacy providers in these areas.

Investment reporting is available through web, mobile, and a variety of export formats, utilizing API (Application Program Interface) connectivity. There is also an intuitive report designer available to create tailor-made statements.

Portfolio Decisions Made Easy

The combined OMS and PMS functionality of Clearwater JUMP enables managers to rebalance, test, and analyze portfolios, with a seamless transmission to manage orders for execution via FIX or direct connections. With real-time position-keeping across asset classes, Clearwater JUMP provides support throughout the entire order processing chain.

Tools are customizable to make it easy to tailor your pricing policy, reflect client and firm level compliance policies, set controls for data quality, and provide a complete audit trail for your data.

Enhanced Performance Measurement

With returns more important than ever, Clearwater JUMP offers managers of all sizes the ability to dissect components with a few clicks. Featuring embedded support for contribution and attribution analysis, risk-adjusted ratios, stress tests, and VaR, returns can be analyzed down to the security level across asset classes.

Users can also create custom classifications for attribution analysis and real-time calculation ratios. To enhance transparency, users can view the decomposition of calculations, gaining further confidence in the accuracy of their returns, along with audit support.

Managing Your Business

The platform’s CRM feature allows for accounting, performance, and other data elements to be stored at various levels (household, client, account, etc.) for clients.  With the ability to post documents, a full profile of each client and associated communications can be accessed from the user portal, supporting regulatory needs and KYC.

Additionally, custom reports can be used to break down investor profiles and match them with portfolios, strategies, and advisors to gain valuable insights about the business.

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