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  • October 20, 2015

Announcing The 2015 Insurance Investment Benchmark Survey Report!

Written by:
The Clearwater Team

Clearwater Analytics is excited to announce the publication of The 2015 Insurance Investment Benchmark Survey Report. In April, Clearwater conducted a survey of professionals throughout the insurance investment industry, which garnered over 400 responses, including more than 100 CFOs. Nearly every insurance carrier type was represented, with investment portfolios ranging from less than $100M to larger than $20B. The data from those responses is now available in The 2015 Insurance Investment Benchmark Survey Report. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to benchmark your investment team against those at similar insurance companies and gain insight into current insurance investment trends, challenges, and concerns.

Report Highlights

The report offers an in-depth look at the tools and processes investment professionals currently rely on, as well as their impressions of the investment environment in general. Some highlights include:

  • Insurers using fully automated, outsourced software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions are significantly more efficient in their accounting and analytics processes, more confident in the integrity of their data, and generally happier with their investment accounting and reporting tools.
  • Many insurers remain content with the systems they currently use, despite that fact that 44% admit they still rely on manual processes and in-house workarounds that are inefficient and prone to error.
  • Manual processes are the key impediment to accurate, timely, and efficient accounting and reporting for a significant number of insurers. The downstream consequences ultimately impact their ROI.
  • In the current low-yield environment, many investors are likely to increase their non-traditional asset allocations, requiring accounting teams to manage greater complexity.
  • Insurers with large portfolios take significantly longer to close their books at month-, quarter-, and year-end. As assets grow, so does the need for fully automated and streamlined accounting processes.

Download your copy of The 2015 Insurance Investment Benchmark Survey Report today!

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