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  • January 25, 2024

Thrive with Accounting Data Aggregation and Validation from Clearwater

Clearwater is world renowned for our expertise in managing investment data. We aggregate, reconcile, and report on trillions of dollars in assets under management across thousands of accounts, asset classes, and currencies, daily.

We understand accurate data is the foundation for reliable financial analyses and compliance with a plethora of regulatory requirements across different regions of the world. Our clients, including Bank of Saint Lucia and Ofi Invest Asset Management, know this, too, which is why leading insurers, asset managers, corporations and government agencies manage their investments and financial operations with confidence, knowing Clearwater’s data validation processes are best in class.

So, how does Clearwater enable daily aggregation and validation of accounting data? Here are the data validation principles that guide our processes and deliver accurate, timely data that our clients need to manage their investment portfolios.

The Role of Data Validation in Accounting

Start with Comprehensive Data Aggregation and Reconciliation

Each day at Clearwater we aggregate, validate, and reconcile our clients’ portfolio data. Ensuring all of that data is accurate is a crucial component in compiling reports our clients rely on. With accurate data comes accurate financial analyses and the ability to comply with regulatory requirements so we can help our clients effectively manage their investments and financial operations.

Empower Data-Driven Decision-Making

Don’t you want to feel confident in your financial decisions? Our fully reconciled data set feeds into your reporting and analytics, giving you a comprehensive view into your portfolio with timely data to drive confidence in your decision-making.

Ensuring Data Integrity Creates Satisfaction

Our clients can be confident that we are identifying errors, inconsistencies, and discrepancies that could potentially lead to misleading or incorrect reports. Our team of experts works tirelessly to catch any errors or inconsistencies and find solutions to problems. At Clearwater, data integrity is crucial for us to provide reliable accounting services and ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

Pioneering Seamless Investment Data Aggregation, Validation, and Reconciliation

Clearwater is integrated with downstream systems to provide reconciled data to all our clients’ investment accounting processes. Each day we validate and reconcile data so our clients can make confident decisions and close the books quicker.

Accounting Data Aggregation and Validation with Investment Reporting Software

Global Data Aggregation

We simplify the aggregation of our clients‘ data with thousands of data connections to custodian banks, investment managers, brokers, order management systems, and third-party security master data vendors that automatically pull in data each morning.

Customization of Aggregated Portfolios

Clearwater can aggregate accounts according to client requests, giving them the ability to customize the view and maximize their ability to investigate and analyze their data.

Automated Data Validation and Reconciliation

Clearwater’s investment accounting software automatically reconciles investment data across clients’ portfolios daily. This is an enormous undertaking that we handle every day for over 1,000 organizations.

Comprehensive Investment Accounting

Clearwater Analytics offers an accounting-centric solution that automates book of record accounting and supports multiple accounting bases such as multi-GAAP, STAT, and TAX. Our accounting engine can handle multiple currencies, asset classes, and accounting bases, allowing teams of any size and complexity to close their books in less than half the usual time.

A User-Friendly Solution

Clearwater’s system offers the advantage of accessing information from anywhere and at any time. The system allows users to effortlessly generate, save, customize, and share easy-to-read reports and dashboards. This promotes collaboration among teams and enables users to efficiently provide stakeholders with the necessary data.

Integrated Investment Analytics and Reporting

Our reporting and analytics engine utilizes our fully reconciled data set, ensuring that our clients’ reporting is updated daily. This empowers them to efficiently manage investments with up-to-date information.

Unparalleled Customer Support and Training

We are committed to providing responsive, consistent, and effective support to allow our clients to focus on managing investments. Our goal is to earn our clients’ business every day by delivering the highest-quality support and training.

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