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  • February 13, 2024

Clearwater Analytics Empowers Investors with Clearwater MLx, A Comprehensive Mortgage Loan Investment Solution

Overcoming Legacy Solution Limitations, Clearwater MLx Provides Investment Professionals with All-in-One Solution to Drive Growth

BOISE, Idaho, February 13, 2024 Clearwater Analytics (NYSE: CWAN), a leading provider of SaaS-based investment management, accounting, reporting, and analytics solutions, has expanded its product portfolio of offerings with Clearwater MLx, an all-in-one solution for mortgage loan investors. Clearwater MLx addresses the limitations of legacy solutions by providing investment professionals with a comprehensive platform to drive growth and make informed decisions at every stage of the loan lifecycle, from origination and deal management, to analytics, accounting, and reporting.

Traditionally, legacy solutions have focused on servicing and operations, neglecting the needs of investors who require access to essential data for mortgage loan investments. Clearwater MLx fills this gap by offering investors necessary oversight and reporting capabilities to effectively navigate the complete lifecycle of their mortgage loan investments. With enhanced risk reporting, servicer tracking, oversight, and accounting, Clearwater MLx equips investors with the capabilities they need to successfully manage and grow their mortgage loan portfolios.

One of the key features of Clearwater MLx is its ability to provide investors with valuable insights into exposures and common risk factors such as geography and property types. By accessing information on properties and aggregating exposures to tenants and borrowers with those same counterparties in other areas of their clients’ investment portfolios, investors can make informed decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of these factors and their impact on their overall investment strategy.

With Clearwater MLx, investment professionals have more timely information at their fingertips, enabling them to:

  • Easily view their allocation by property type, geographic region, coupon, duration bucket, quality,
    capital charge, and more.
  • Identify potential risks through automated loan analytics.
  • Understand the total exposure to specific issuers across all asset classes.
  • Improve controls and efficiency through the automation of loan data aggregation, accounting, and reporting.
  • Focus on property investments, eliminating the need to spend time synthesizing data from multiple sources, including deal documents, servicer statements, and property management systems.
  • Model and forecast cashflows on complex loan structures, including construction loans, reperforming loans, and  mezzanine loans.

“Clearwater MLx was developed in response to the ever-evolving dynamics of the mortgage industry,” said Sunil Dixit, Chief Product Officer at Clearwater Analytics. “Working closely with more than a dozen clients and prospects, we built a cutting-edge technology solution that simplifies the mortgage loan investment experience and gives decision makers a complete picture of their investments so they can make accurate predictions about future cashflows. Our solution puts clients in control of their property investments by offering them an accurate view of their mortgage loan portfolios.”

To learn how Clearwater MLx can simplify your mortgage loan investment experience, speak to an expert today.

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