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Money Market Funds & Clearwater Analytics

It's no secret that cash remains king. With rising interest rates, institutional investors have been turning to short-term assets, like money market funds, in search of higher yields.

By leveraging Clearwater Analytics, institutional investors can gain a holistic view of their money market fund investments, enhance risk management, ensure compliance, make data-driven decisions to optimize their investment strategies, and much more.

  • Portfolio Visibility: Achieve a comprehensive and real-time view of your money market fund portfolios.
  • Risk Management: Leverage robust risk management tools to track credit ratings, average maturity, weighted average yield, and exposure to specific sectors or issuers.
  • Reporting and Compliance: Gain support in creating accurate cash flow forecasts for your money market funds.
  • Scalability: No matter the change in your portfolio, with Clearwater you will be proactively prepared to take on any new challenges.
  • Trade: Execute trades in real-time through leading MMF portals.

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