The Clearwater Difference

Nuclear Electric: Modernized Investment Accounting for Your Organization

Reduce frustrations and gain back valuable time with a customizable solution. For organizations like Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited (NEIL), Clearwater Analytics provides complete, accurate, timely, and consumable data for the entire company.

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Why Choose Clearwater?

  • Experience easy-to-use, on-demand, configurable reporting with access to an integrated data warehouse
  • View updated investment data daily
  • Shorten your close periods - on average, clients experience a 60% reduction in time to close
  • Full support for the automation and centralization of alternative assets
  • Improved data quality through our daily tri-party reconciliation process
A screenshot of the Clearwater Analytics platform.

How it works:

Clearwater provides accurate, timely, and comprehensive investment data.

Accounting-Centric Solution

It is critical to ensure accurate accounting values before digging into data analysis. The Clearwater solution automatically calculates all accounting values before populating reports, certifying all data accurately correlates to the cash, positions, and transaction in each account.

Daily Data Aggregation

Data is ingested and aggregated via thousands of connections to custodian banks, investment managers, brokers, order management systems, and third-party security master data vendors. Multi-asset, multi-basis, and multi-currency securities are ingested once daily for all clients.

Machine Learning-Assisted Reconciliation

Clearwater performs detailed data reconciliation and validation between system data, custody bank feeds, and Clearwater’s independent accounting and reporting engine. This tri-party reconciliation process provides same-day positions, transactions, and cash balances using the most up-to-date and accurate data.

Security Master Validation

Hundreds of automated validations run daily to verify the accuracy of the data. This neutralizes common transposing issues found in competing tools, such as seeing a coupon rate entered as 30% versus 3%.

Daily Portfolio Transparency for Enhanced Analytics

Clearwater is proud to be the only solution running daily calculations and reports for over 4,500 customizable accounting values. Empower your teams with access to the most accurate and up-to-date investment data available.

A Complete Reporting Offering

In addition to supporting multiple asset classes and currencies, the Clearwater solution can be configured to any accounting basis including GAAP, Statutory, Tax, and IFRS. Any report can be customized by grouping data on multiple levels, writing formulas, pivoting, and adding or removing non-module-specific data points.

“This is a technology that will create key opportunities rather than apply limitations to our investment team. Clearwater’s sophisticated automation and data capabilities will allow us to have everything we need as our investment volumes grow, and its expertise in investment accounting and reporting will allow us to access new and attractive asset classes.”

Kim Lee Chief Financial Officer, Global Atlantic Financial Group