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Office Engagement: Boise Lawn Games

The Lawn Game Olympic Finals took place out on the green on Thursday, July 13. The sun shined, music played, employees dressed up, and everyone had a great time! On the following Thursday, during Social Sips, Sandeep handed out trophies to the winning teams.  

And the winners are…

  • Cornhole – Torn ACLs: Deena Emry + Gavin Whitney
  • Ladder Golf – Artificial Green-ius: Danny George + Erica Larson
  • Kubb – Chicken Coop Wolves: Jake McGrady + Macee Carpenter
  • Washers – Fairly Physical Accountants: Jake Loidolt + Lindsey Schaffeld
  • Boccee – Aggregating W’s: John Sigrist + Gabrielle Vietri/Summer Kisner
  • Kan Jam – The Backyard Bandits: Boe Benefield + Lissa Hall
  • Overall Winning Team – Chicken Coop Wolves!

Big shout out to Jake McGrady and team for putting on such a fun event!

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