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Office Engagement: Boise BBQ Lunch

On August 3, leaders at the Boise Office served a variety of burgers and hot dogs to employees while enjoying the wonderful summer weather! Scott Erickson, Subi Sethi, James Price, Cindy Blendu, Sunil Dixit, Brian Slattery, Emily Brawley, Jake McGrady, Kai Applequist, and Ben Lattin all did an amazing job preparing food and making sure everyone had an amazing time.  


“A big shout out to our organizers Hannah Christie, Kat Brackett, Natasha Freeman-Batt, and Kristy Brown!!!”

Subi Sethi 


“It was great to see everyone at the BBQ. Thank you again for all each of you do for your colleagues, teams, clients and Clearwater.”

Scott Erickson

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