Observance: Happy Mother’s Day

 Jen Rasmussen, Senior Director of Marketing 

“I’m a new mom – two under two. Every day is a new day, where I learn a new thing about motherhood. It’s very rewarding and so much fun. I live for those little giggles and sweet smiles. The “VRRROOM” sound my son makes when we are playing with his toy cars. But it’s also very hard. It’s very exhausting. The diaper bag packing. Feeding. Nose wipes. The constant caregiving. To all the fellow moms out there – be kind to you. We expect ourselves to get it perfect. And every time we make a mistake (and we will) we’re going to beat ourselves up. Here’s the thing – you are a completely normal, brilliant human. You are not lacking, you are learning. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. New moms, older moms. Those who long to be moms. And every type of mom in-between. Today is a day to celebrate you and all that you are.” 

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