Global Pride Month

Boise Pride Cupcakes
Boise Trivia
PRIDE t-shirt and bake sale

In June, we paid tribute to the LGBTQ+ community and reaffirm our commitment to creating a workplace that values diversity, inclusion, and equality.

To celebrate the event, the Clearwater Edinburgh office hosted a bake sale to collect donations for LGBT Youth Scotland. Thanks to the dedicated bakers, Amelia Coles and Isabel Tan. We also had Kaori Shimizu and Emily Keshler-Dosa host a fun Pride-themed quiz in the office to spread information about Pride Month! 

In Boise, we hosted a Pride Month trivia quiz to raise awareness about the significance of the month, complete with some delicious cupcakes.

Let’s continue to support our LGBTQ+ colleagues, friends, and family members, and work towards a future where everyone feels safe, valued, and celebrated. Together, we can create a world built on love, acceptance, and respect.

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