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Saving Hours at Period-End

Clearwater’s consolidated, web-based platform enables Urban Outfitters to access their data quickly and view daily portfolio snapshots. Urban Outfitters uses Clearwater’s automated, easily exportable reports to provide flexibility and customization for their stakeholders.

Market / Corporations
Urban Outfitters is a multinational lifestyle retailer with more than $360 million in assets under management. Their portfolio includes equities, corporate bonds, agency discount bonds, certificates of deposit, and more.
Headquarters: Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
Assets Under Management: $360M
million in AUM
minutes to complete daily reconciliation
integrated system for investment accounting & reporting
  • Investment accounting information came from several different sources  
  • Disparate data formats made reconciliation difficult and time-consuming at month-end 
  • Needed an investment accounting solution that would consolidate their data in a unified format with a single access point 
  • Automated daily reconciliation saves hours at period-end 
  • Easily accessible web-based platform with unlimited users 
  • Daily portfolio snapshots for in-depth data analysis 

“Clearwater changed the way we report for the better. Reconciliation has been reduced from several hours to 10 minutes, and the time saved is invaluable. Our stakeholders love it, our accounting team loves it, and I would recommend it highly.”

Brian Montague, Treasury Director, Urban Outfitters

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